Indian NorthWest Trade Fusil
Indian NorthWest Trade Fusil
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This gun is of the configuration of the Canadian Trade rifles imported from England and was actually found in Canada. The gun was originally a flintlock and has been converted to percussion.  It has a Robert Wheeler lock and matching barrel with the "Seated Fox of the Northwest Trade Company" .   On the barrel breech are his initials(RW) and two British proof marks. The O/A barrel length is 36"with a .62 cal. bore. The rear ramrod pipe is the classic barrel design of the N.W.Trade guns and the front one is a period replacement. The  trigger guard has a bow and arrow engraved on it.  These Canadian Indian trade guns are much rare then their American found cousins.  Milton Von Damm the author of "The Fur Trade: A history of Arms and Trade Goods"is the one who verified that this gun was a Canadian trade gun.  A nice untouched Trade piece. 

Original Price: $2,850.00
Price: $2,150.00

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