Signal Cannon
Signal Cannon
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A really neat piece for any gunroom. This signal cannon is off the Zebulon M.Pike which was the first steamboat to venture up the Mississippi River to St. Louis in 1817. Thus opening up St. Louis as the window for the Westward expansion of the early 19th century.  Unfortunetly for the Zebulon M. Pike it's days were numbered as it sunk in the Red River only a few short years later.  This cannon has providence dating to the original family of the man who's job it was to fire the cannon as the ship approached ports of call.  His name was Roberts and he rescued the cannon after the ship sunk. It stayed in the family until 1953 when it was sold to the people that I bought it from. The carriage is a correct replacement as the original rotted away after being submerged.. The cannon tube and the towing ring are original.  A great piece of Americana.
Original Price: $2,750.00
Price: $1,875.00

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