1763 Charleville musket-Rev.War
1763 Charleville musket-Rev.War
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This is a true model 1763 Charleville musket that saw service in the Colonies.  These model 1763's are really hard to find as most the Charleville muskets for sale today are the model 1766-68.  The model 1763 is about 2 pounds heavier than it's slender replacement  the model 1766 . I sold this musket years ago and just took it back in trade.  It was made in the MAUBERGE Arsenal and is one of the few 1763's that came here.  It is all original and still in it's original flinlock configuration.  The musket has been Americanized by shaving the comb of the stock and filing at rear sight in the barrel which goes right through the m1763 on the tang. Also, the front band has been replaced with a armory made one incorporating a front sight. The Americans aimed there muskets where as the Europeans were trained to point and fire. The barrel was trimmed at the time about 1 1/2" which would is to be expected on muskets that saw heavy service such as these early American guns.  The musket is actually worn through to the ramrod channel from the point at where the gun was carried.  A really great looking American Rev.War musket. There are quit a few Revolutionary War collection lacking a true model 1763 musket.

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