1746 'American Captured' French Charleville
1746 'American Captured' French Charleville
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I've had this wonderful Musket & Powder Horn leaning against my fireplace mantel since 1997.  It will come with a 1997 dated signed affidavit stating that musket and horn belonged to one of the Green Mountain Boys. The man that I purchased it from stated in the affidavit that he was now 70 years old and selling his vast collection of Rev.War guns. He further stated that out of all his Rev.War guns this was the one he held onto until the last as it was his favorite. The affidavit goes on to state that he originally purchased it in the 1950's from a Doctor in Foxboro, Mass  where the musket and horn had hung over the fireplace for many years. The doctor stated that he had originally purchased it in a antique shop in Vermont many years before. This is where he was told the lineage to The Green Mtn. Boys.  Now that I'm approaching that magic age It's time to pass it on for the next person to enjoy. This is a true mdl. 1746 French Charleville that was more than likely American captured during the French & Indian War.  It has been splintered and repaired many times in it's period of use. The left side of the forestock has loss a good part of it's wood.  The musket itself is black with a heavy patina which I find really attractive. The musket, powder horn and affidavit will all be shipped together.
Price: $4,950.00

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