1848 Colt-Baby Dragoon
1848 Colt-Baby Dragoon
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This neat little ensemble belonged to E.G.Briggs -Belgrade, M.T. and comes with a family letter stating he bought in 1893 at the Chicago Exposition with he was 16-17 years old. The pistol was pretty old at that time but I'm  sure that the price was right for a boy from Montana. The serial number 6751 would date this as a Gold Rush gun so I'm sure he bought it used. The pistol is in untouched condition and still functions but is a little sticky. Looks like the serial numbers all match but the barrel number is a little worn and bugged but the two numbers that I can make out do match. This pistol comes with a heavy well constructed wood case containing a bullet mold, wiping cloth and his Bandana.  A really nice untouched western outfit.

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