1766 Charleville
1766 Charleville
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This Revolutionary War Charleville musket is U.S Surcharged on both the barrel and lock designating Continental Army ownership as per George Washingtons 1777 orders.  The musket also has  C.S (Confederate States) and the soldiers Initials (D.M.) carved in the stock.  Many in the Confederate Army were using these Flintlocks for the first coulpe of years of the war.  Inside lock cavity you can still make out Roman numerals which look to be the number 43.  Also the rear barrel band had a rear sight added at one time which is no longer there.This musket has had a period repair to the wrist using hand made nails.  The bottom of the stock under the lock has been blown away do to the build up and ignition of gunpounder behind the lock. This really adds to the charm of the musket. The ramrod has been cut down.  The stock still retains it's original Charleville Arsenal ' D ' stamp and the top of the comb has been shaved in typical American style.  A really great musket the was instrumental in the founding of the nation participating in the two most perilous periods of our nations history. 

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