1750-60's British Dragoon Carbine
1750-60's British Dragoon Carbine
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This is quit a unique little carbine.  At one time it had a sling bar which has since been removed and the wood filled which looks like arsenal work. The presence of a sling would have made this a military carbine which would have been issued to the Dragoons.  There's also a piece of wood replaced under the lock with no attempt to hid and done with old nails.  None of these repairs and modifications detract at all from the appearance of this neat little carbine. The swamped barrel is 18 1/2" with 2 early British proof marks. The Bayonet is spring loaded and works perfectly.  It has a name on it which I can't quite make out. A really attractive piece that would fit well in any French & Indian or Revolutionary War collection.

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