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Pr. of Confederate 1860 fluted  Army Colt's
Pr. of Confederate 1860 fluted Army Colt's

William T. Martin of Natchez, Miss. organized and equipped a Militia group of men(80) known as the Adams Troop of Cavalry  in late 1860. The men were all equipped with a pair of mdl. 1860 Colt Army revolvers with attachable shoulder stocks, pair of saddle holsters and a powder flask.  The men elected W.T. Martin as their Captain and after the firing on Ft. Sumter he chartered a steamboat to take them to Memphis,Tn. From there they took a  train to Richmond where they were joined by a Viriginia Co.  On Oct.24,1861 W.T. Martin was promoted to Major and given command of this company. They received their baptism of fire at the Battle of Seven Pines under Gen. J.E.B. Stuart  and were incorporated into the Jeff Davis Legion. On Jan.3rd,1863  W.T.Martin  was promoted to Brig.General and transferred to the Western front. The Jeff Davis Legion  under the command of J.E.B. Stuart  participated in some of the most famous battles of the War to include the Penninsula Campaign, Antietam, Dumfries, Brandy Station, Gettysburg, The Wilderness , Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor,and Petersburg. 
Both these pistols are in very good shape with all matching serial numbers including the wedges . The actions are crisp and lock up well.  All the stampings are sharp as are the edges.  The original factory letters identify both pistols by their serial numbers.  They also come with their original saddle holsters.  Without a doubt one of the rarest and most desirable Confederate outfits for sale anywhere today.   


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