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1870 Enfield
1870 Enfield
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A Indian Enfield dated 1870 with some unusual features.  For starters the tacks are iron and are totally original to the period of use. Secondly , both sides of the stock retain an unusual designed ornament which I beleive represents a Warrior Society. I really don't know what the right buttstock design represents but the left design appears to be that of a Frog. The forestock shows a heavily worn groove on the left side as a result of being carried across the horses neck.  According to the National Armory 1879 Ordinance report No.115  of the  captured Indian Arms after the Battle of the Little Big Horn  124 were breechloaders and 160 were muzzleloaders such as this 1870 Enfield.  A really good untouched Indian gun.

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