18th Century New England Fowler- B. Mathis



This is one of the most attractive New England Fowlers I’ve ever owned.  The Cherry stock has taken on a wonderful glowing untouched patina . It exhibits a carved foliate device at the rear of the breech tang. Also , carved double scribe lines  along the barrel and ramrod channel. The brass furniture which consists of a butt plate with engraved leaf design and lobed and pointed tang , a trigger guard  with pointed finial and shell engraved bow,  and a flat pointed side plate which is engraved around the bolts. The  47 1/2″  .62 cal round barrel exhibits  a breech flat for 12 1/2″ with the name B. Mathis engraved on it. The breech flat extends to just behind the silver blade front sight with the under side  round.  The rear sight was period removed and  instead had a grove filed in the rear barrel breech and tang.  This is fairly come on early American Rev.War period long arms. The inside of the lock plate is marked B. Homer (R is faint).   There are 3 Early Hudson Valley Fowlers pictured in Tom Grinslade’s book ” Flintlock Fowler” with B. Homer locks.  B. Mathis is listed in “American Gunsmith’s” by Frank Sellers as unlocated Flintlock Fowling piece. Everything about this piece is attractive but my favorite part is the early  American Eagle  engraved on the silver wrist escutcheon. The gun even retains it’s original ramrod with jag !  

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