F/L Kentucky Pistol



Tobias Hammer

A beautiful untouched Kentucky pistol owned  by a Rev. War soldier Tobias Hammer  who was with the Maryland Flying Camp ( Maryland rifle company) during the war.  He participated in the Battles Brooklyn Heights ,White Plains, Harlem Heights , Ft. Washington  and Trenton.  I believe the pistol is post Rev. War period  . However the family believes differently. It will come with much family provenance  (refer to photo’s). The pistol itself is in original flintlock with a 9″ .45 cal. barrel with both a front and rear sights. The early lock has an unbridled pan  and is not working properly. All the furniture is iron. The stock is of early curly maple .Overall the pistol has developed a aged deep heavy patina.  This is one of the most attractive early Kentucky pistol  I’ve ever owned. Which is why I’ve kept it in my personal collection for over 25 years.

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