French & Indian/Rev.War Dragoon Musket




A wonderful untouched American musket of carbine size.  The musket has a 34″ barrel  oct/rd. barrel which appears to be of French mfg. The brass side plate is an American copy of a early British 1st mdl. Brown Bess.  The lock has a good main spring but’s not holding when cocked.  It’s partially held in place by an early hand made nail and as the musket is totally untouched I’m going to leave it to the new owner to decide if he wants to touch it. The trigger guard finial is also secured by 2 hand made nails.  The wooden ramrod appears to have been with the musket from it’s period of use. In the  years leading up to the American Revolution we were very short on arms.  Arms making was cottage industry . Many of our early arms in the War were made from captured French & Indian War guns, both British and French. The Battle of Lexington & Concord started over the British troops marching to Concord in order siege arms and arms makers. This musket is just the way you like to find them totally unmolested and untouched .

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