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Corsan, Denton ,Burdekin & Co.
Corsan, Denton ,Burdekin & Co.

At one time Bob Abels had the finest collection of Bowie Knives in the Country.  He numbered his own collection pieces in red nail polish.  This was the 112th Bowie Knife in his collection.  The knife is in super condition exhibiting much of it's original factory polish on it's 8"  blade with a few tiny erosion spots. The horn slabbed grips have a name placque on the left slab which says" L.W. Umstad ". The original leather scabbard is also in fine shape.

Corsan, Denton and Burdekin were located in Sheffield and were in business from 1852 to 1862. William Corsan authored a book titled "​Two months in the Confederate States" ​which is basically about his promoting his knives in America.  This is a really great knife that I've had in my own personal collection for 20+ years. 


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