Kentucky Rifle John Gonter



John Gonter

John Gonter  started his apprenticeship  in 1776 in Lancaster , Pa. at the age of 14. He made rifles there throughout the Revolutionary War and the 1780’s.  In the 1790’s he moved to Hagerstown, Md. and continued his trade there until 1801 when he relocated to Columbia, Lancaster Co., Pa.  In 1824  he relocated to Berks Co. Pa.  Today his rifles are highly sought after. This rifle retains his signature  on it’s 42 3/4″  .52 cal. octagon barrel . The ramrod is probably a replacement .The action on the London imported lock is good and the double set triggers work  flawlessly. It was converted from it’s original flintlock to the percussion system in it’s period of use. The pierced  patch box exhibits fancy engraving as does the silver  Star of Bethlehem  on the check piece.  The curly maple stock has acquired a beautiful untouched patina.  A very attractive rifle by  John Gonter !

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