Presentation Historic Cane WIA Gettysburg



Cpl. John H. Salisbury 


The inscription reads  Presented to  Corpl.  John Salisbury Co.B  62 d  P.V.  by his friends in Birmingham.  Cpl. Salisbury enlisted 7/22/61  at Birmingham, Pa. The 3 panels on the side of the head read  Bull Run- Fredericksburg -Chancellorsville ; Yorktown, Hanover, 7 days Battle ;  Wounded at Gettysburg . The 62nd participated in most of the major battles of the Eastern Theater early in the war including the siege of Yorktown .the Seven Days battle, Mechanicsville, Gaines Mill , Savage Station , Malverne Hill , Bull Run, Antietam, and Fredericksburg where the regiment laid for a day and two nights under withering fire from the Confederate position behind the stonewall on Mary’s Heights. At the Battle  of Gettysburg the 62nd was part of the 2nd brigade,1st Division , V Corp. under Gen. Sickles. On the second day of the battle elements of the V Corps including the 62nd were rushed into action on the Union left flank to support for the collapsing III Corps under Gen. Sickles . The 2nd brigade, including the 62nd found itself heavily engaged in the Wheatfield and along Wheatfield Rd, including hand -to-hand combat and nearly being cut off. The brigade entered the battle with 900 men and would leave it with barely half that many.  According to the inscription on the cane , Cpl. Salisbury was wounded at  Gettysburg and it is likely it happened during the carnage of the Wheatfield. By the time the 62nd marched away from Gettysburg  after the 3rd day of  fighting it could barely muster 90 men. The regiment would go on to be involved in the battles of The Wilderness , Spotsylvania Courthouse, North Anna, and the Siege of Petersburg. A  wonderful ebony cane presented to a soldier who sacrificed much for his Country!  

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