War of 1812 – Brown Bess- Sacketts Hbr.

” Battle of  Sacketts Harbor ” 


A wonderful identified War of 1812 musket.  It comes with a 100 year old tag which reads ” A Present on July 4,1906. Squire James, this old……… Bess musket was found shortly after the fight here at Sacketts HRB. by  Uncle Robert Mifflin. ” Sam L. W. Mifflin Esq.   Obviously ,the missing word in the tag is Brown.  I’ve done some research on the Mifflin family which will be included. They settled in Lancaster Co. , Pa.  Colonel Jonathon Mifflin (father of Samuel W. Mifflin ) served under  George Washington and is credited with saving Lafayette’s life on the retreat from Brandywine by lending him his horse after his was shot out from under him. The family inter married with the Wright & Houston (J. Houston is on the musket) families.  Please refer to my photo section for more info.

The Battle of  Sacketts Harbor was one the first battles of the War of 1812 and it is very historic. It had major multination implications. The Americans successfully defended a strategic shipbuilding facility and military operations headquarters on Lake Ontario. For the British, their failure to seize the command site was a major lost opportunity . The Indians  tribes  had already split allegiances .Two groups are documented as having fought with the British-Canadians whereas another volunteered  to serve with the U.S troops. 

This 3rd model Brown Bess is in very good shape with good action . You can see where a rear sight was cut into the barrel tang and breech which is an American feature .  War of 1812 identified  pieces are much scarcer than Rev. War identified items. 



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