Rev. War Charleville – United States

” United States ”  Sold

This is a wonderful untouched French Charleville musket with the early “United States” brand on the bottom of the butt stock.  As per George Washington’s order in 1777.  These” United States” branded stocks were done in the field by local blacksmiths  and are the earliest of the branded muskets . Later in 1778  it  was shortened to the more common U. States   The barrel has been trimmed to 44″  and the lock works fine on both half and full cock. The ramrod appears original with it’s proper jag.  The side plate has the proper D and the rear barrel band has the 1771 modification.. The left butt stock exhibits 4 initial which are, I would imagine, the initials of the continental soldier who carried the musket. This musket just surfaced and is new to the collecting fraternity.  A Rare, Rare musket!

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