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'51 Colt Navy
'51 Colt Navy
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This a really nice condition Colt with a full cyl. scene,matching serial #'s,and a little blue and case colors.There is however, a very slight bulge in the barrel where it was fired with an obstruction in it. The bottom of the butt strap has initials carved in it "R.W.B". "Cpl. Babcock" didn't have alot of luck with his pistols. He was charged $20 for the loss of his govt. issued pistol a 'Savage Navy' in Nov.'63.  After that he purchased his own gun this '51 Colt which descended in the family until purchased in 1998 from his great,great,grandson "Van Frederick Bright". I researched Mr.Bright and it all checks out.  His service years were basically spent fighting Indians in Kansas & Missouri.  Also, he was involved in  many a running battle with QUANTRELL AND 'BLOODY BILL'ANDERSON . The gun comes a couple of his bank books, original letters from his doctor about his pension and various govt. correspondence.
Price: SOLD!!!

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