S & W #2 Army – Relic



“Pickett’s Charge”

This great  Battle of Gettysburg  relic would have participated in Pickett’s Charge.  It is identified as having been Found in McMillian Woods – Gettysburg, Pa. July 2, 1923.  Interestingly, this date is 50 years + 1 day after  Pickett’s charge.  The woods is part of the area called Seminary Ridge . On July 3rd , 1863  close to this patch of woods is where Confederate forces under the command of Generals Pettigrew and Timble rose up with their troops and proceeded forward to participate in the attack on the Union center (This became known as the ill-fated Pickett’s charge). This pistols is an untouched  relic and still has it’s spent shells in it so it would have been dropped after the charge in the retreat. This pistol is still in the original 1920″s era frame and label  that it was put into in 1923. The only thing that has been touched is the wood backing of the frame.  This has been in my personal collection since the 1990’s. 

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