60 Colt Fluted Army-C.S.A

"Wm. Martin-Natchez,Miss."
‘Jeff Davis Legion’

    A really great Confederate cav.pistol shipped to Wm.Martin in Natchez,Miss. 3 months before the war broke out.  At that time Wm. Martin organized at militia known as "The Adams Troop of Cavalry".  Ater the firing on Ft.Sumter ,Capt.Martin and his troop charted a steamboat to Memphis where they boarded a train to Richmond. They were baptised by fire under the command of Gen.J.E.B.Stuart at the Battle of Seven Pines. After the battle they were incorporated into the "Jeff Davis Legion still under the command of Gen.J.E.B.Stuart".  This elite unit went on to become the most famous cavalry corp in the Confederacy. I’ve owned a few of these in the past 30 years but this is by far the best.  If you look closely at the barrel address you can see where the New York and America where purposely filed off.  History wise they don’t get better then this pistol.

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