English Trade Musketoon(Blunderbuss)

"Serpent Sideplate"

  • English Trade Musketoon(Blunderbuss)

This is a great rarity that has been in George Neumann’s collection for many years. The gun is pictured in his book "Battle Weapons of the American Revolution" on page 190. The early Doglock is marked "Whately" and the piece exhibits many early features such as a bottom entry barrel tang screw and the butt plate is held on with squire nails. The trigger guard is not inleted  into the stock which is typical of early trade pieces. The barrel is 21 3/4" in lenght and has two false rings in order to look like a finer made multi-stage barrel. A really wonderful Rev.War piece that comes from a great collection and hasn’t been available for sale in over 40 years.

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